Calendar of London Concerts 1750-1800


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1762_01_25Mon 25 Jan 1762AM]PARRY-j 62MI13002s 6dHP PARRY-j. dt MGL HP PARRY-1 PARRY-j [?] <SON>.PATo 1500. No money taken at the door. [And subsequently; not listed. Cf 27 Jan.]0737AM0737
1762_01_27Wed 27 Jan 1762AM]PARRY-j 62MI13002s 6ddt hp HP PARRY-j PARRY-1 <SON>; dt hp MGL PARRY-j PARRY-1; piece HP PARRY-j (NEW EVERY DAY).PATo 1500. [Cf 25 Jan. And subsequently; not listed.]0738AM0738
1788_10_04Sat 4 Oct 1788APLCLAGGET-w 88CB1830Gratis (1000 tickets)[CLAGGET-w.] DIR BATTISHILL <DIR ORCH> (+ ORG); LEAD HINDMARSH. handel OV from handel o ^OCCASIONAL_ORATORIO^; CH 'HOW_EXCELLENT'; SG YOUNG_GENTLEMAN; RICHARDSON FP; CH 'HAIL_STONE'; SG YOUNG_LADY; QT vn HINDMARSH; handel o ^CORONATION_ANTHEM^.WOMH 6 Oct 1788; MP 6 Oct; WO 8 Oct (Clagget's advertisement)[Opening of] Temple and Gardens of Apollo. Address by CLAGGET-w. Subscription to be opened (cf WO 8 Oct 1788).3180APL3180
1789_06_26Fri 26 June 1789APLAPOLLO 89GS1900Free tickets[CLAGGET-w.] 1: HAYDN OV; ROGERS-b GL; DT VN VN; east GL <ESTE>; CN ORG; CLAGGET-C SG YOUNG_LADY <C_CLAGGETT>; COOKE GL. 2: VANHAL OV; STEVENS GL; HAYDN QT; JACKSON-w [?dt 2v] <CANZONET>; TR VN VN vc; SG YOUNG_LADY; MORNINGTON GL; PLEYEL QT; SMITH-jS GL <S_SMITH>.ORApollo Gardens. Students' practise: free; not received music licence. [Further here not listed: e.g. GZ 5 May 1792.]3255APL3255
1755_10_16Thu 16 Oct 1755APO?APOLLO 55-56SOC[OSWALD?]PA 8 OctSociety of the Temple of Apollo: first concert; morning.0388APO0388
1760_11_13Thu 13 Nov 1760APOAPOLLO 60-61SOC[OSWALD?]PA 27 Oct 1760Temple of Apollo; Queen Square. 1st concert [but cf 22 Jan]. Last year's tickets may be exchanged at Oswald's music shop.0673APO0673
1761_11_19Thu 19 Nov 1761APOAPOLLO 61-62SOC[OSWALD?]PA 19 Oct 1761Temple of Apollo; Queen Square. 1st concert. Last year's tickets may be exchanged at Oswald's music shop.0730APO0730
1759_11_15Thu 15 Nov 1759APOAPOLLO 59-60SOC[OSWALD?]PA 23 Aug 1759Temple of Apollo; Queen Square: first concert. Last year's tickets may be exchanged at Oswald's music shop.0605APO0605
1761_01_22Thu 22 Jan 1761APOAPOLLO 60-61SOC[OSWALD?]PA 2 JanTemple of Apollo: 1st concert [but cf 13 Nov 1760 - ?postponed due to death of King]. Tickets exchanged at Oswald's.0680APO0680
1776_01_23Tue 23 Jan 1776ARTST GEORGES 76 *OB12007s 6d; 5s; 3s 6dARNOLD o ^THE_RESURRECTION^ <SACRED ORATORIO>. COND ARNOLD; LEAD BARTHELEMON [replaced FISHER; INDISPOSED]; V VERNON REINHOLD LEONI MATTOCKS~ WEICHSELL~f [replaced BROWN~]; OB SIMPSON. CN VN BARTHELEMON [replaced CN VN FISHER].PA; PA 9 Dec 1775; PA 17 Jan 1776From 15 Dec 1775; 19 Jan 1776. * For St George's Lutheran Chapel; Goodmans Fields (chapel repair). Performers give services. [LS.]1930ART1930