Calendar of London Concerts 1750-1800

General Abv

1(When followed by colon) Part one; first part; act one etc.
2(When followed by colon) Part two; second part; act two etc.
2CHOIRDouble choir; two choirs.
2ORCHDouble orchestra; two orchestras.
2VTwo voices; two singers.
3(When followed by colon) Part three; third part; act three etc.
3CHOIRThree choirs.
3VThree voices; three singers.
4(When followed by colon) Part four; fourth part; act four etc.
4CHOIRFour choirs.
4VFour voices; four singers.
5VFive voices; five singers.
6VSix voices; six singers.
AAMAcademy of Ancient Music.
ANTHAnthem. (Includes <MOTET>; but not CORONATION_ANTHEM.)
BST_HNBasset horn.
CAMConcert of Ancient/Antient Music.
CHChorus [genre].