Calendar of London Concerts 1750-1800


APOTemple of Apollo, Queen Square.
ROSRose Tavern, Marybone Gardens.
HSQHanover Square Rooms (Gallini's Rooms, Festino Rooms).
COCCirculating Library, 9 Cockspur Street, Charing Cross.
SGGreat Room, Spring Gardens (Mr Cox's Auction Room, etc).
SHRSherrard House, Sherrard Street, Golden Square.
WHILates' Great Room, Somerset Street, Whitechapel.
ECHEdinburgh Coffee House, Sweeting's Alley, Royal Exchange.
PM(New) Auction Room, Pall Mall.
AMArts Museum, Haymarket.
SSQSoho Square (Carlisle House, Mrs Cornelys').
FMTFreemasons Tavern.
FHFoundling Hospital Chapel.
GLOGlobe Tavern, Fleet Street.
SMWSt Margaret's Church, Westminster.
LHLock Hospital Chapel, Grosvenor Place, near Hyde Park Corner.
BUFBuffalo Tavern, Bloomsbury Square.
S&HSwan and Hoop Tavern, Cornhill.
ISLHighbury Assembly Room, Islington.
HMHalf-Moon Tavern, Cheapside.