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Query-by-Browsing on the Web
Alan Dix

Query-by-Browsing (QbB) allows you to generate database queries by simply choosing the records that interest you.

To use QbB look at the list of records below.
If you would like a record included in your query, click once in the box alongside the record. A tick will appear.
If you don't want the record click twice and a cross will appear.

When you have selected/rejected a few records try clicking 'Make a Query' which will generate a query matching your records. All the records matched by the query will be highlighted in blue.

If the query isn't right find some records it has wrongly classified and explicitly accept or reject them then press 'Make a Query' again.

You can upload your own CSV data, or play with one of the (very small) example databases.

The 'Multichoice penalty' can be used to discorage queries using categorical variables wth lots of values (such as names)

Multichoice penalty:


Choose example:

don't know / haven't decided

yes I want it (click box)

no I don't (click twice)