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Abrams, Harriet

[E] Abrams, Harriet, soprano vocalist and
composer, was born in 1760. She studied
under Dr. T. A. Arne, and made her first ap-
pearance at Drury Lane in his " May Day,"
in 1775. In 1776 she appeared with her
sister Theodosia at the Concert of Ancient
Music, and in 1784 she sang at the great
Handel Commemoration. She afterwards
sang at the principal London concerts during
her time. She died about 1825.

[W] Works.— Eight Italian and English Can-
zonets for one and two voices. Loudon, 1785.
Second sett of . . Canzonets . . [1805].
Collection of Scotch Airs harmonized for three
voices [1790]. Collection of twelve Songs,
Loudon, 1803. Songs — Crazj' Jane; The
Felon [1800] ; Female hardship ; Friend of
my heart ; Orphan's Prayer ; Smile and a tear ;
Tom Hlliard ; William and Mary. Also,
Little Boy blue, glee ; All nature mourns,
duet [1805]; And must we part? duet [1810] .

[+] Her sisters, Eliza and Theodosia (1766 —
1884, afterwards Mrs. Garrow) were also
vocalists of some reputation, the latter pos-
sessing a fine mezzo-soprano voice.

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