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Danby, John

[E] Danby, John, English glee composer,
was born in 1757 [1750] . He gained ten
prizes from the Catch Club, for seven glees,
two canons, and an ode, 1781-94. He was
organist of the chapel of the Spanish Em-
bassy, Manchester Square, London, and died
at London, May 16, 1798. Very little has
been preserved concerning the biography of
this musician.

[W] Works. —Masses ; Motets ; Catches, canons
and glees, for three, four, and five voices, in
Score, four books, London, n.d. [c. 1785-98];
La Guida alia Musica Vocale. Op. 2, London
[1787] , n.d. GZfcs— When Sappho tuned
(Smollett), three voices ; When generous wine
exjDands ; When floods retire to the sea ; The
fairest flowers the vale prefer ; Sweet thrush ;
Shepherds, I have lost my love ; Go to my
Anna's breast ; Pair Flora decks ; Come, ye
party jangling swains; Awake, iEolian lyre,
four voices ; Music has power; Soft pleasing
pains unknown before ; When beauty's soul ;
The nightingale ; salutaris hostia, etc.

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