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Field, John

[E] Field, John, composer and pianist, born
at Dublin, July 26, 1782. Apprenticed to
Clementi, London, under whom he afterwards
studied. Taken by Clementi to Paris, Germany
and Russia. Teacher at St. Petersburg,
1804, and at Moscow, 1823. Appeared at
London Philharmonic Concert, 1832. He
played in Belgium, Switzerland, and Italy,
and afterwards returned to Russia with a
family named Raemann. He died at Moscow,
January 11, 1837.

[W] Works. — Op. 1. Three Sonatas for pf. in A,
E flat, and C minor. Seven Concertos for pf.
and orch., in E flat, A flat, E flat, E flat, C,
C, C minor. Two Divertissements for pf.,
with accoinp. for 2 vns., flute, alto and bass.
Quintet for pf., 2 vns., alto and bass. Rondo
for pf. and quartet. Variations on Russian
air for pf. duet. Grand Valse for pf. duet.
Three Sonatas for pf. in A, B, and C. Sonata
for pf. in B. Exercise in Modulation for pf.
Two Airs for pf . Fantasias for pf . Eighteen
Nocturnes for pf. Rondo Ecossais for pf.

[+] Polonaises for pf. Two Songs for Voice and
pf. Romances for pf. Rondos, and miscel-
laneous pieces.

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