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Ford, Thomas

[E] Ford, Thomas, composer, who was born
in the latter half of the 16th century [1580] .
Musician in suite of Prince Henry (Son of
James I.). Musician to Charles I., on his
accession. He died in November, 1648.

[W] Works. — Musicke of sundrie kindes set
forth in two Bookes, the first whereof are
Aires for foure Voyces to the lute, orpherion,
or basse viol, with a dialogue for two voices
and two basse vioUs, in parts tunde the lute-
way. The second are Pavans, Galiards, Al-
maines Toies, Jiggs, Thumpes, and such like
for two base viols the liera-way, so made as
the greatest number may serve to play alone,
very easy to be performed, 1607. Contribu-
tions in Leighton's " Teares." Canons, etc.,
in Hilton's " Catch that catch can." Ford
is now chiefly remembered as the composer of
the beautiful madrigal " Since first I saw
your face."

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