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Knyvett, Charles

[E] Knyvett, Charles, organist and composer,
eldest son of above, was born in 1773. He
studied under Parsons and Webbe. Revived
the Vocal Concerts with W. Knyvett, Greato-
rex, and Bartleman. Organist of St. George's,
Hanover Square, 1802. He died on November
2, 1852.

[+] Wrote glees, etc., for "Re-Unions" of the
Prince of Wales, London, 18D0. Selection of
Psalm tunes sung at St. George's Hanover
Square, 1823 ; 2nd ed., 1825 ; 4th ed., 1850.
Epitaph in Brading Church Yard, set to music
for three voices, September 26, 1831. Col-
lection of favourite glees, catches, rounds,
etc. ; Eight effusions for the pf., London

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