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Napier, William

[E] Napier, William, musician and publisher,
born in Scotland in 1740. He established
himself in London as a music-seller, and in
this capacity served the Royal family. Mem-
ber of the King's band till he was forced to
retire because of gout in his hands. He also
played the violin at the Professional concerts.
He died in Somers Town, London, June, 1812.
He published A Selection of the most favour-
ite Scots Songs, chiefly Pastoral, adapted for
the harpsichord, with an accompaniment for
the violin, by eminent Masters, London [1790] ;
A Selection of Original Scots Songs, in three
parts, the harmony by Hc.ydn, London [1792];
Napier's Selection of Dances and Strathspeys,
with new and appropriate Basses, adapted for
the pianoforte, harp, etc., n.d. The "eminent
masters " mentioned in the first work were
S. Arnold, W. Shield, Carter, and Barthelemon.
This work also contains a " Dissertation on
Scottish Music," by William Tytler (q.v.)

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