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Rawlings, Thomas A

[E] Rawlings, Thomas A., composer and
violinist, son of Robert, above-noted, was born
at London, in 1775. He studied under R.
Rawlings and Dittenhofer, and became a
violinist at the Opera, the Ancient, Vocal, and
Professional Concerts, etc. Teacher in Lon-
don. He died about middle of present century.

[W] Works. — Concerti di Camera, for pf., flute,
violins, viola, and 'cello. Instrumental . Three
sonatas for harpsichord and violin, op. 1
[179.3] ; Six new waltzes for pf., op. 2 [1794] ;
Duet for harp and pf. ; and a large number of
divertimentos, marches, arrangements, etc.
Songs : Bee's wing ; Evergreen leaf ; Hither,
love, hither; Home of youth; Lila's a lady;
'twas sad ; Oh come to me ; Oh what a
pity ; Sabbath bells ; Strike the guitar ; Weep
not, thou lovely one ; When spring time was
gay. Also in collected form, " Selection of
Foreign Melodies" [1825], and "Songs to
Rosa" [1826], with endless contributions to
the musical annuals. Rawlings is usually
identified with the well-known song, " Isle of
Beauty," which, however, was only arranged,
not composed, by him, but a INIajor C. S.
Whitmore (q.v.) [1830].

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