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Smyth, Ethel M

[E] Smyth, Ethel M., composer, born in
London. Daughter of General J. H. Smyth,
late of the Royal Artillery. Studied a short
time at the Leipzig Conservatorium ; then
with H. von Herzogenberg. First came into
notice with a quintet for strings, performed
at Leipzig, about January, 1884. Then came
a Sonata in A minor, op. 7, for pf. and violin,
1887. In 1890 two of her coinpositions were
performed at the Crystal Palace ; Serenade
in D, for orchestra, April 26 ; and overture
" Antony and Cleopatra," October 18. Her
most important work, a Solemn Mass in D,
was performed by the Royal Choral Society
at the Albert Hall, January 18, 1893. She
has also published sets of songs, op. 3, and 4.

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