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Walmisley, Thomas Attwood

[E] Walmisley, Thomas Attwood, organist
and composer, born at London, January 21,
1814. Son of above. He studied under
Attwood, who was his godfather. Organist of
Croydon Church, 1830, and of Trinity and St.
John's Colleges, Cambridge, 1833. Mus. Bac.
Cantab., 1833. Professor of Music at Cam-
bridge, 1836. B.A., 1838 ; M.A., 1841. Mus.
Doc. Cantab., 1848. He died at Hastings,
January 17, 1856.

[W] Works. — Cathedral INIusic, a collection of
services and anthems, London, 1857, edited
by T. F. Walmisley. Odes on installation of
Duke of Northumberland (1842) and Prince
Albert (1849) as chancellors of Cambridge
University. Collection of Chants with the
responses in use at the chapels of King's,
Trinity, and St. John's Colleges, Cambridge,
London [1845]. Choral hjmm in four parts.
Cambria, trio. Four songs by Mrs. Elliott
(1854) ; Chatelar to Mary, Queen of Scots,
and other songs.

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