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Billington, Thomas

[E] Billington, Thomas, pianist, harpist,
and composer, was born at Exeter in 1754.
He lived in London as a teacher of the piano
and harp, but died at Tunis in 1832.

[W] Works. — Music to Gray's Elegies, Op. 8 '.
Pope's Eloisa to Abelard ; Prior's Garland ;
Petrarch's Laura; The Children in the Wood,
Morton ; Four sets of twelve canzonets for
two voices, London, 1784-90; Six songs for
voice and pianoforte ; Shenstone's Pastorals,
consisting of 24 ballads ; Music to Young's
Night Thoughts, 1790 ; Music to Pope's Elegy
to the Memory of an unfortunate Lady ;
Numerous glees ; Songs ; Scotch airs, etc.,
harmonized, London [1785] ; Six sonatas for
harpsichord or pianoforte. Op. 5 ; Three trios
for a violin, tenor, and 'cello. Op. 7 [1780] .

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