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Braham, John

[E] Braham, John, tenor vocalist and com-
poser, born in London, of Jewish parents,
1774 [1772]. He studied imder Leoni, and
first appeared at the Royalty Theatre, Well-
close Square, London, 1787. He appeared at
Covent Garden, April 21st, 1787, and sang at
Bath in 1794, where he studied under Rauz-
zini. He sang at Drury Lane Theatre in 1796,
and afterwards travelled in Italy, and appeared
at Florence, Rome, Naples, Milan, Genoa,
Venice, etc., with Mrs. Billington and others.
While in Italy he studied under Isola, and in
1801 he returned to London, where he
re-appeared at Covent Garden Theatre. He
married Miss Bolton, of Ardwick, in 1816.
He sang as Huon in Weber's Oberon, in 1826.
Lost his fortune by failure of several spec-
ulations, 1851. Died at London, February
17th, 1856.

[W] Works. — Music to Dramas : The Cabinet,
1801 ; Family Quarrels, 1802 ; The English
Fleet, 1802 (containing "All's WeU," duet,
etc.) ; Thirty Thousand, 1804 ; Out of Place,
1805 ; False Alarms, 1807 ; Kais, or Love in a
Desert, 1808 (with Reeve) ; The Devil's Bridge
(with C. E. Horn), 1812; The Paragraph;
Narensky, or The Road to Yarostaf ; The
Americans; The Magicians (with M. P.King).
Single songs, glees, etc. Death of Nelson, song.
His sons, John Hamilton Braham (London,
1818; Rochester, December 22nd, 1862), and
Charles Bamfylde (London, 1822; London,
June 11th, 1884), were both vocalists, the
former, a baritone, who first appeared at the
Hanover Square Rooms, November 2nd, 1843;
and the latter, a tenor. His grandson, Edward
B. Braham, appeared as a 'cellist in 1885.

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