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Norton, Hon. Mrs

[E] Norton, Hon. Mrs., born Caroline
Elizabeth Sarah Sheridan, daughter of
Thomas Sheridan, grand-daughter of R. B.
Sheridan, and sister of Helen Lady Dufferin
(q.v.). She was born in 1809. Best known
as a novelist and poetess. In February, 1877,
she was married for the second time to Sir
William Stirling-Maxwell, Bart. She died at
liondon, June 15, 1877. Joint composer of
"A Set of Ten Songs, etc., by tw^o sisters"
[1888] . Composer of Set of Seven Songs and
a duet, 3 sets [c. 1840] ; Songs of affection ;
Avenge the wrong of Adam Leslie ; Blind
girls' lament ; Love of Helen Douglas; Mother's
lament, and other songs. Health to the
outward bound, glee. Words of a number of
popular songs, like Blockley's " Love not,"
" Arab's farewell to his steed," etc.

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